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All About Porn Sex Webcams

Sex webcam chats have changed a lot over time. They are much more than you’d expect and not the rip-off that I once thought they were. Now there are sophisticated sites out there that know how to meet your every need. You don’t have to worry about those annoying popups with sexy girls that promise a fun time but never deliver. It probably happens while you’re surfing sites like, or but you don’t need to visit them if what you really want is live sex chats over webcam that are high quality interaction, hot sex to blow your mind. So since you’re tired of thsoe other sites, this is excatly where you need to be to get the info on the best sites to surf for webcam sex.

Are They Real?


Yes, yes, and yes! These sites are totally real where you can connect and pay for some authentic and hot webcam porn. These sites are not some fake money making schemes that play some pre-recordrd message or fake vids replayed to take your cash. Real girls are doing this to make real money, and a lot of these chicks are super hot. You can interact with him and leave them messages to find out what they do in their shows and what they can offer, for a price, of course. None of them are doing this for free, but at least you get what you pay and ask for. And that goes a long way in fulfilling your fantasies. I found this out by trying it myself. I thought, throwing a few bucks at a good site might lead to some unexpected pleasure. And it paid off! The first show I saw was amazing! I bought just a few credits and got a short but great masturbation show. After using all of these sites, I can guarantee you – that the girls are real! In the flesh…I won’t go into show specifics but let’s just say you have to find out for yourself, because once you try it you won’t be disappointed.

You Have to Register to Benefit


Yes, it’s annoying but if you want to enjoy the full benefits of the sites, you have to register. It doesn’t take that long, and once you become a member you’ll be able to freely access all the girls and shows and options. So go ahead and just create a profile, a password and if you’re adventurous you’ll be able to start enjoying right away without spending one penny. How? You see sites like like to give their new members free credits when they join. For example, you get 10 free credits when you join to test out the site. That means you get to test out the site for free to see how it works and how you can find the showgirl of your dreams. Some girls have different rates so for 10 credits you could get a 5 minute show if the girl you chose has a rate of 2 credits a minute. And so on…So you spend how much you want on who you want and both the girl and you are satisfied. Recharging your account is super easy and once you become a regular you build up some credence on the site so that the girls start to know you, and might even do ‘special’ things for you. The sites usually have special packages and deals, and from time to time they give you free credits to get you back enjoying the services only these sites can provide. Just pull out your…credit card to get started.

So You Want to Get Started? Time to Watch!


Your registration is sorted now, and you have an ID, a password and a sign-in that will get you all the hot action that you desire. You put some credit under your profile and now you can start looking through all the girls and what kinds of shows they offer. Do you want something rather tame like a strip or do you want something more intimate like a mutual masturbation session? Whatever it is you want to try first, by being registered all the girls online know you are serious about getting satisfied. Once you find a girl you then negotiate with her for what you want for your credits, be it for 5 minutes or an hour of full one on one attention. You will get what you paid for because that’s how it’s set up to work. Make sure you look carefully and negotiate well because different girls have many different rates for varied porn acts and shows. You can compliment your free credits from LiveJasmin for example, top it up and get a sultry 15 minutes for your first try. Point is whatever you want, the right girl is out there and she may even be working on several sites at once. So you will encounter her on the top sites, if she is good.It’s pretty straight forward, you ask for what you want, agree on a rate – pay – and then there you are – in front of the girl of your fantasies while she strips down and does everything you ask her to. That’s freaking amazing!

What Sites Should I Visit First?

You have a lot of choice right now when it comes to which sites that provide live sex chat video sessions. There are some sites which house a lot of hot chicks, and others that have less but they might be quality performers. To start I recommend that you check out the biggest and most popular sites to get started so you have a positive experience right away., I really like to visit and, because I always find what I need, and they are easy to use sites where you don’t have to worry about being ripped off. Try one now, I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself more than you can imagine.




Top Features


The reason I am so addicted to Imlive website is that one it’s most awesome features allows me to watch several girls perform at the same time! The multi-viewer lets me stream them simultaneously without having to load and click each video link every time. This site is the only site that offers this service and it’s really amazing if you have the time and a really big screen to take it all in. Imagine watching 6 streams all the time? Sexual pleasure and overload awaits! If you have a good internet connection you can scroll around the cams and find exactly what you like. Just open the links in a new tab so you can watch as many as 6 stream at once, and really get a good taste of what and who is out there – performing you’re deepest desires. It’s not on mobile yet, but the PC version is worth it if you’re comfortable at home.


If you can’t sit at home in front of your PC all the time when you want to have sex chats or webcam sex, then this is the best option for you. Live Jasmin has the fastest and smoothest site on mobile, so you can watch and interact on the go, from anywhere you can connect to the internet. That’s a lot of sexual freedom! Just think, whenever you have the urge you can go and get your fix. You can sign in and just have a quick 5 minute show that will get you through the day. Video-chat with any type of mobile device, anywhere you want. What more can you ask for from a webcam sex site?


Streamate is so cool because it by far has the best selection of girls online. They are ready to perform for your pleasure and their rates are really good and realistic. Having them show you a good time without much investment is a huge plus, and there are so many girls ready to do whatever you want whenever you want. If you like American girls or college chicks then this site is perfect for you. There are even minor porn stars who like to show up and offer their services to members. I mean it doesn’t get better! A special offer that this site has is called ‘Goldshows’. That’s when I chick offers something special – like maybe taking a shower or some other intimate act that turns you on. The difference is she will set a limit, for example, $100. If she gathers enough buyers or members to pitch in to make her show a reality, the show will go on. So you can pinch in $5 and get a show worth a lot more because you split it 20 ways with other members. If she doesn’t find enough interested parties then she just goes back to one on one chatting, but it does provide a fun opportunity to get to watch something really spectacular when it comes to sex webcams. So if you’re shy to ask for what you want right away, find a ‘goldshow’ to take part time, and anonymously you can enjoy all the sexual fantasies you came to site for.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about sex webcam chatting to get started on your online sexual adventures.